Trauma (Complex trauma, Intergenerational trauma)

Do you find yourself stuck in a cycle of anger, guilt, shame, depression, frustration, and resentment? Have you noticed a pattern of toxic behaviors in your family or relationships? Do you struggle to maintain healthy relationships? All of this may be due to trauma, specifically trauma passed down through generations. I can help you identify these patterns and set healthy boundaries so that you may heal from the trauma.

Domestic violence/abuse

Have you been in a relationship that demolished your self-esteem and sense of self worth? Have you felt controlled and manipulated into doing things you didn’t want to do? Have you lost your independence? Did your partner isolate you from friends and family? These are common signs of domestic violence that often go overlooked. Abuse is not just physical; it can be emotional, psychological, verbal, and even financial. If you are out of the toxic relationship but still struggling, I can help you regain your independence and self-worth. If you are still in a toxic relationship, I can help you develop a safety plan to feel more secure.


Do you struggle when things don’t go as planned or when you feel like you’ve lost control? Do you often worry, even about seemingly “small” things? Do you often feel overwhelmed and stressed? Anxiety can feel debilitating and prevent us from enjoying life in the moment. I can help you implement coping skills to minimize anxiety symptoms and feel more in control of your life.


Do you find yourself pulling away from others and becoming more isolated? Do you often lack motivation or energy to do even simple things? Do you question whether your life has meaning or feel like nothing has purpose? These symptoms relate to depression. We can work together to regain your sense of self and find the joy in your life again.


Have you experienced trauma that has left you feeling on edge? Struggling with sleep or experiencing night terrors? Do you replay the trauma in your mind and still feel like it’s happening all over again? Are you easily startled or triggered? These symptoms could be PTSD. We can work on reducing these symptoms by processing the trauma in a safe and effective way.